Who We Are

Our close partnership with hiring organizations leverages a unique combination of skills few agencies possess.  Mr. Levis has 15+ years of agency experience in addition to his 12+ years of “in-house” corporate recruiting experience.

Our in-house experience means you work with someone who is intimately familiar with the demands of systems and processes associated with corporate recruiting. Deep knowledge of employment law ensures the search and selection process is performed professionally and with integrity.

Agency experience gives you the benefit of strong sourcing skills for that “needle in a haystack”.  Our services and resources are designed to deep dive into the candidate pool, to uncover and carefully select key hires for your team.

Our membership in NPAWorldwide, a premier, member-owned, agency network, enhances our ability to search deeply for the best talent available.  Collaboration with our NPA affiliates allows us to confidentially leverage the expertise and resources of 1,500+ recruiters in 350+ offices around the globe.

Whether you’re a start-up or a Fortune 100 enterprise, if you need to hire an individual contributor or a C-level executive …

Blue Line Talent delivers.

Blue Line Talent was founded to provide excellence in search services.  We are excited to respond to the urgency of your business need while maintaining the highest levels of professional integrity.  We are here to help you make great hires with a partner you can trust. 

Blue Line Talent shares a percentage of their revenues with charitable organizations.

Our Talented Team

Ron Levis

Ron’s 30+ years of agency and in-house recruiting success is key to providing knowledgeable and highly skilled support to hiring leadership, HR and talent acquisition organizations.

At Blue Line, Ron sources I.T., Software and engineering talent for employers in Colorado and across the U.S. Ron partners closely with hiring managers and candidates to ensure the match makes great sense for both parties.

Prior to establishing Blue Line, Ron was a key producer in Talent Acquisition in the H.R. dept. at Raytheon. For 10 years, Ron recruited I.T. software and engineering talent for hiring teams in CO, across the US, the UK, and Australia.

As a TS/SCI cleared professional for nearly 10 years, Ron’s credentials offer an uncommon perspective for successful recruitment in support of classified work environments.

Superior sourcing skills are crucial to uncovering the finest talent. Ron’s career began with 12+ years of contingency agency work.

Ron has delivered classroom instruction for a Fortune 100 employer on employment law, requisition development, behavioral interviews, compensation assessment/salary determination, OFCCP guidelines, and more.

Mr. Levis has a bachelors degree in Human Resources.

For 30+ years, Ron has delivered the right talent to meet the needs of hiring teams in I.T., Software and engineering.

After hours, Ron plays ice hockey and a bit of golf. And, yes … the name “Blue Line Talent” is derived from Ron’s unwillingness to retire from hockey, a game best suited for younger athletes.

He also volunteers weekly as an English tutor at the Asian Pacific Development Center in Aurora, CO.

As a co-founder of Project KARE, Ron packs his laptop for annual excursions to the Thai/Burma border in support of Karen refugees from Burma.


Client Testimonials

Need help hiring great talent? Check out testimonials from some of our clients!

Michael Ledoux – Associate Creative Director

I have known Ron Levis for many years. He is a trusted friend and is an extremely talented and experienced recruiting professional. He really can change one’s mindset as to how one perceives a recruiter. Relative to his work, personal interests, family & friends, Ron is passionate for all. He is also thoughtful, extremely well-mannered and conscientious about his work and commitment to his clients, and friends. I highly recommend Ron for your recruiting needs.

Dave Shaw – Principal System Engineer

As hiring manager for a diverse set of engineers at an overseas location, I face a constant challenge of maintaining staffing levels with the correct set of skills and experience mix. I’ve been very lucky in that Ron Levis has served as my Talent Acquisition partner since I started this position. Ron is the consumate professional and has always been able to find me the right mix of candidates for any skill set I may need. Ron works with me to make sure I have the right description, requirements, and required skills for each position I need. Ron’s work eithic and skills have resulted in my meeting my staffing needs and keeping my customer happy

Peggy West – Software Manager

As a SW Manager at Raytheon, I worked with Ron to recruit highly skilled software engineers for our dynamic and customer focused environment. Ron has a thorough understanding of the software industry which is crucial to recruiting highly qualified software engineers and makes the process more efficient for managers by reducing the number of less qualified candidates. He is a very thorough, fair, motivated, efficient, and success oriented recruiter. I have worked with many recruiters throughout my career but Ron by far is the best of the best. He continually exceeds expectations and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Ron and welcome the opportunity to work with him in the future

Patrick Nugent – Recruiting Manager

“Ron is a truly consultative recruiting professional. He easily develops strong relationships with candidates driven by his genuine interest and regard which allow him to both understand their goals and to counsel them throughout the consideration of a new position. He works as a partner to the business and to hiring managers to understand and then design job criteria and market their requirements to candidates. Ron takes the time to understand the client’s business and environment, to identify the right match and then to reflect and convey the opportunity accurately to candidates. Ron’s genuine personal regard, professionalism and integrity are obvious to all involved parties in the recruiting process.”

Eric Bergman – Department Head, Human Resources

“We do not work with recruiters generally, but Ron is among a very small number of vendors we will work with. He listens deeply, that is something I find rare in the discipline. Ron continues to take the time to know and understand us, and he is focused on who will be successful here, and why. He truly cares about our relationship and we have built trust in our relationship that is invaluable to the success of our partnership. Ron has proved to be an outstanding recruiter, he is quick to understand the complexities and nuances of a difficult search, in which details are key and how to overcome whatever challenges are presented so that he can quickly and efficiently present a short list of high caliber very well screened candidates. Because of his demonstrated uncompromising moral make up I am comfortable referring not only other companies and candidates to him, but my peers and personal contacts as well. His follow through is complete, his presentation elegant and professionalism refined. Ron continues to cement our relationship and our trust in him as a true partner.”

Gary Mackintosh – Human Resources Manager

“Ron’s understanding of the technology allowed him to fluently converse with candidates. My trust in him rapidly grew because of his honesty and professionalism. He would present the person’s strengths, as well as their areas for development, which was refreshing—as opposed to everyone simply being ‘excellent”

Elazar Aslan – CEO Advisor, healthcare products Internet retailer

“I have worked with many recruiters in different disciplines, but I found working with you as the best experience yet. You listened deeply to the client’s needs. You were extremely responsive and acted with urgency at all times. I also believe that you were quite innovative in your recruiting process as we had stellar candidates from which to choose. If I sound very appreciative, I am, because filling this position was not only easy this time, but so painful in the past with other recruiters. We are a hard company to satisfy and you did a superb job taking care of us. You can be sure we will be reaching out to you in the future.”